Racist tweets Conservative party Father's Day
A post by the Conservative Party celebrating Father's Day has been swamped with racist replies

A tweet from the Conservative party which celebrated fathers day by showing a black father and his black son has been flooded with racist comments.

Twitter users have taken to the social media platform to spew ignorant and misinformed opinions and comments.

Many people took to the Father’s Day post to voice their vile opinions on black people’s parenting skills.

Others are complaining that by showing a black person on social media, their whole culture and country is suddenly under attack – with one person even saying that the Tory party should be “backing whites”.

One disgusting comment read “The black dads that stayed are indeed special”.

Another racist twitter user commented “Are you sure he’s his real dad?”, and a third reads “Very special dad. He actually stayed with the family.”.

One twitter user decided to use the post to tell the tory parties to “Get backing whites”.

Another said “Not the best photo to advocate for fathers that hang around when their child is born….”. Their account has now been deleted.

And this twitter user deemed the use of a black person in a tweet to represent British people as “[…] politically correct sh…!”.

And yet another person said that with “gangs of black youths attacking lone whites”, posting an image of a black person on social media was “insensitive”.

Other people did take to twitter to condemn the comments, including one user who said: “I just want to make clear that the racists in the comments here don’t represent the Conservative Party”.

A second twitter user said: “If you find something wrong with a simple stock photo because of the colour of the person’s skin you live a shallow life”.

Ceredigion Online have contacted the Conservative Party Headquarters for a comment, but they have not gotten back yet. Twitter is also yet to reply.

A spokesperson for the Cabinet made an attempt to distance themselves from the tweet, saying they could not comment as it was not put out by them.


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