Ceredigion five weeks no coronavirus deaths
Ceredigion has now gone five weeks without any coronavirus deaths

The Office for National Statistics has issued a revision in their most recent Covid-19 update.

According to the updated figures, Ceredigion has actually gone five whole weeks without the ONS recording a Covid-19 death.

Staticians had previously stated that the county had gone three weeks which would make this the fourth week without a report of a coronavirus death.

But the ONS have confirmed that the county has actually gone from 23 May and 26 June  without receiving a single reported Covid-19 death, according to their most recent numbers.

This means Ceredigion has gone a whole five weeks without reporting any coronavirus deaths.

This is the longest any county in Wales has gone without recording a death, according to the ONS.

How do we compare to the rest of Wales?

Other counties which have gone multiple weeks without recording any Covid-19 deaths include Pembrokeshire, which has gone four weeks, and Merthyr Tydfil has gone three weeks, according to the same figures.

But Ceredigion has the lowest rate of coronavirus deaths per 100,000 people, with seven people, or 9.6 per 100,000, sadly having died from the virus.

See how we compare to the rest of Wales in our interactive map below. Click on each county to see its figures.