Mrs Ogunbanwo first noticed the swastika on Saturday morning

Villagers from Penygroes in Gwynedd have joined together to scrub a swastika off the garage door of Margaret Ogunbanwo in what is said to have been a show of solidarity.

Mrs Ogunbanwo, who has lived in the village for over a decade, said that she believed her family had been targeted because they are black.

The mother-of-two said that when she first spotted the vile graffiti on Saturday morning her first thoughts were “do I need to be scared?”.

And a 35-year-old man has now been arrested in connection with a swastika being painted on a black family’s garage door.

The suspect was arrested after North Wales Police released an image they had gotten from CCTV in the village.

“I have no more space to put flowers on”

Speaking to the BBC today, Mrs Ogunbanwo said: “The community has been amazing. Actually we’ve been overwhelmed. We’ve had people come to our door, we’ve had cards, we’ve had flowers.

“I have no more spaces to put flowers on. It’s just been fantastic.

“What has happened is that our locals have then gone on and told other people what’s going on and said ‘support them’, and so it’s been great.”

Maggie’s Exotic Foods

Mrs Ogunbanwo runs a cafe in the village called The Melting Pot – or Y Grochan Flasus – as well as a condiment-company called Maggie’s Exotic Foods. 

She moved to Penygroes in 2007, and began to learn Welsh to better engage with the local language and people. She said that she speaks the language on a daily basis.

“My proudest moment in business involves coming to North Wales where I found many doors of opportunity, help and support for anyone with an entrepreneurial drive,” Mrs Ogunbanwo said.

“I have been supported, helped and guided by Business Wales in my business journey here, in North Wales, which was once an unfamiliar territory, and then they celebrated me by presenting me with a Mentee of The Year: Growing Business award.

“I am still basking in the glow of such recognition.”


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