Ceredigion County Council
The council approved plans for a new hardship strategy this morning via Zoom

A new strategy to tackle hardship has been approved by Ceredigion County Council today.

The “Tackling Hardship Strategy” was announced during the council cabinet meeting held this morning (7 July) via Zoom.

The strategy was introduced as the council is set to wrap up an older anti-poverty strategy at the end of this year.

Data was gathered by 23 different organisations on the hardships faced by the people of Ceredigion.

A spokesperson for the council said: “The strategy is timely given the potential effects of the coronavirus crisis on the county’s residents – for example, the impact on people’s social and economic well-being – as well as an increased risk of individuals and families who could experience hardship.

“The aim of the Strategy is to tackle hardship by providing a robust framework that will enable a shared understanding of the situation, consolidate and develop a range of initiatives to mitigate risk, and implement early and preventative action. 

“The strategy will provide a single document to ensure that Council Leaders, our partners and the public are regularly updated on progress.

Timely introduction following the global pandemic

Councillor Catrin Miles said: “The introduction of this strategy is very timely given the recent challenges of the coronavirus crisis. 

“The strategy will require further consultation with partners and the public in order to develop a detailed action plan to implement this important strategy across the county. 

“We hope that it will provide a robust framework for the implementation of risk mitigation measures to address the potential effects of coronavirus on the social and economic well-being of Ceredigion residents.”