At least three bars in England ahve already been forced to shut up shop

Multiple pubs in England have been forced to shut their doors just days after they reopened.

Unlike in Wales, bars across the border were allowed to open up for the first time in months this Saturday (4 July).

Strict new rules were in place, but again, unlike in Wales customers do not have to stay two metres apart.

Instead, England has adopted a one-metre plus social distancing rule.

But despite having only been open for a matter of days, some pubs have already been forced to temporarily shut after customers tested positive for Covid-19.

At least three bars have closed to the public again after it turned out one of their customers during the short period they were open had the coronavirus.

A case on the first day of opening

The Lighthouse Kitchen and Carvery in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, have been forced to close after one of their customers had later tested positive for coronavirus.

A spokesperson at the bar said they were “slowly getting through a list of customers that were in the pub on Saturday”, suggesting they were open for hours before someone with coronavirus came into the bar.

An update from the bar confirmed that none of the staff fortunately had contracted the virus.

“The safety of my team and our customers is paramount”

Elsewhere, the Fox and Hounds in Batley, West Yorkshire, was also forced to shut after one of their customers apparently phoned a member of staff to warn them that they too had tested positive for the coronavirus.

The pub-goer explained that they were unaware when they had attended the bar, and were not showing symptoms at the time.

The staff have all since taken a test, although the results are as of today unknown.

A spokesperson also explained that the pub would be “fully deep cleaned”.

Every effort to adhere to guidelines was made

And the Village Home Pub in Alverstoke, Hampshire, shut up shop after a member of their staff tested positive.

A spokesperson for the pub stressed that this member of staff was not showing symptoms while working, but after a member of their family tested positive, they too got tested and unfortunately it came back as positive.

The spokesperson also explained that they had made “every effort to adhere to Government guidelines”, including separate entrance/exit, sanitizing stations, designated service areas and posters informing customers about social distancing.