Bulky Household Garden Waste Ceredigion
The council suspended its bulky waste collection services amid the pandemic

Ceredigion County Council have had their say on the return of bulky household and garden waste collection.

The services have been put on hold due to the current pandemic, as have many other civic amenities.

Anyone who has any bulky household or garden waste currently has to take it to their local household waste site.

But with these sites only accepting people in vehicles, those who do not drive are unable to get rid of their waste.

This has left many people in the county with bulky waste piling up in their houses or gardens.

Ceredigion County Council response

Ceredigion Online asked the council when they were planning on bringing back the services after many of our readers complained that they had refuse piling up.

But the council today confirmed that they still have not set a date for the return of the waste collection service.

A spokesperson for the council said: “At this stage no date has been set for the resumption of the Bulky Household or Garden Waste collection services. 

“As has been the case throughout the lockdown period we are continuing to focus efforts on maintaining a reliable core domestic waste collection service.

“This takes into account the additional pressure placed on resources which requires more vehicles to be used in observing social distancing protocols as well some staff being unavailable due to them shielding or self-isolating.

“The situation is subject to ongoing review. Information regarding any change will be shared when appropriate. 

“If Bulky Household and Garden Waste cannot be stored safely at home they can be taken to any of the four Household Waste Sites (HWS) in Ceredigion which have now all reopened.”