Coronavirus in Ceredigion

Public Health Wales has announced two new coronavirus cases in Ceredigion this afternoon.

The county has had a total of 49 cases since the outbreak was first confirmed in Wales back in late February.

It comes as the ratio of Covid-19 tests that come back as positive marginally climbed for the first time in at least a fortnight.

The numbers show that 3.1% of tests have come back as positive – up from 3% the day before.

Unfortunately the data only shows the number of cases for the current day only, but having checked our own records we know that the county has not had more than one case overnight in at least two weeks, with it likely being a lot longer.

A total of 1,599 tests have been carried out in Ceredigion.

ONS figures

The Office of National Statistics reported today that Ceredigion has had no suspected or confirmed Covid-19 deaths between Saturday 30 May and Friday 6 June.

The county is the only county in Wales to have no deaths between this period, with both Rhondda and Denbeigshire sadly having had deaths in the double digits for that same week.

Ceredigion has been praised for its handling of the Covid-19 outbreak, having had the lowest ratio of positive coronavirus cases per test in all of Wales, and one of the lowest in the UK since testing became reasonably widespread. 



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