Coronavirus Ceredigion
Ceredigion has seen one new Covid-19 case for the first time in 10 days

Ceredigion has had its first reported Covid-19 case in 10 days, according to Public Health Wales.

The county had previously managed to go nine days without having a single case reported to the Welsh health agency.

Ceredigion has now had a total of 59 coronavirus cases confirmed by Public Health Wales.

The county has also gone three weeks without any coronavirus deaths, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The ratio of tests which have come back as positive has also dropped to yet another national record low, with only 2.6% of all tests done in the county coming back as positive for Covid-19.

This is the lowest any county in Wales has seen since testing became widespread.

The number of tests carried out in Ceredigion hit 2,243 according to the most recent figures.

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Coronavirus in Wales

Public Health Wales have also had no new reports of coronavirus deaths in the whole country in the last 24 hours.

The number of Covid-19 deaths in the country remains at 1,531.

They have had eight new cases reported to them in the last day, bringing the total number of cases countrywide to 15,898.

Nearly 200,000 tests have been carried out across the country, with just over 3,000 of those tests happening yesterday.

The ratio of positive coronavirus tests in Wales has also dropped to 10.7%.